Everything you need to know about Lelapa’s new pool area…



The new swimming pool at Lelapa Lodge has been a big hit – with our younger guests, with adults and even with the resident animal species! Return from a morning safari and after enjoying a hearty breakfast, pick your spot at the water’s edge.



For children

“Just add water…”

It’s simple. To keep a child entertained, just find a water source and let the rest unfold on its own. We know that kids need space to do what kids do – run, jump and play. So we built a communal pool to accommodate just this! Throw in the ice cream station where cones are adorned with a selection of scrumptious toppings, and you have a recipe for long hours of fun in the sun. You may be challenged when the time comes to leave…

For extra ‘flavour’ we’ve sourced a selection of pool games for all ages. Two different levels accommodate different ages and heights. Those who prefer to play ‘solo’ can pick from the box of pool toys available. Our quest is to ensure that every one of our guests at the poolside is utterly content.

If your little one is envious of your ‘umbrella drink’, they can make their own Kiddie Mocktail. A selection of juices and soft drinks, along with requisite umbrellas (and pieces of fruit) are set up for their imaginative recreation and enjoyment.

Madikwe Safari Lodge’s child liaisons are on hand throughout the day to keep a watchful eye on the aspiring culinary creatives.





For adults

The pool is open from 9:30 to 15:30 when a pool attendant is a on duty. This time frame falls perfectly between morning and afternoon game drives.

Guests have the option to enjoy lunch at the poolside should they rather not move to the main dining area.

Our cocktails are legendary, and your most difficult decision will be in choosing from the veritable menu of available options.

When the weather permits, the Madikwe Safari Lodge team may also set up a special dinner beside the pool. Where better to enjoy delicious fare than under the Milky Way?





For animal lovers

There’s only one thing better than languishing in cool water on a hot African day in the wild – and that’s doing it while watching one of Africa’s big five at the same time!

Madikwe’s elephants are frequent visitors, attracted to the watering hole just a few short meters from the pool area. To further enhance guests’ enjoyment of these sightings (without compromising on safety), we’ve lowered the electric fence for optimum view.





For those who prefer privacy

All the rooms at Lelapa, Kopano and Dithaba have private plunge pools. The Lelapa swimming pool is open to guests from all the lodges, however, should Lelapa Lodge be booked exclusively, only then will the pool be closed to guests from Kopano and Dithaba.





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