5 Reasons why you should bring your children on safari

Bringing your child on safari is a big decision. While it’s an incredible experience without doubt, many parents worry that their child may not be ready for it. We’ve shared our top five reasons why you should not hesitate to bring your children along for the safari adventure of a lifetime!




1. It’s an incredible learning experience when children become aware of the natural environment. With our expert guides, every game drive is an opportunity for youngsters (and parents too) to learn something new. Seeing animals in the wild will teach them a lot that cannot be learned in a zoo. The thrill of being in an open vehicle in the bush, and up close to wild animals is incomparable.

2. This is a bonding experience like none other. After a full day of playing in the pool, going on game drives and laughing at the funny stories told by your guide, take a moment to sit around the fire and just be… Adventure and peace in equal measure.

3. Getting to know new places and cultures. It is important to open the door to the vast wide world to your children, and to introduce them to new places and people. Transport them from their home environment into the magic of the African bush. There are few places on this globe quite like it…

4. We are reminded to slow down. With the pace of modern life, rushing between meetings and climbing the corporate ladder, a safari visit reminds us of the need to take it easy. You cannot hurry children when you’re out on game drives at Madikwe. There will be questions and requests to stop, absorbing the new sights, smells and sounds. The unhurried life of the bush cannot help but force you all to slow down and take it all in. And the kids will be all the happier for it!

5. You’re creating priceless lifelong memories. Imagine sitting down for dinner one year from now and recalling the incredible sights you saw while on your African safari. This experience will stay with them – and you – forever…



So what are you waiting for? Read more on our top tips when bringing kids on safari, and get planning! We’re just a click or call away.



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