world rhino day

A New Birth Brings New Hope For World Rhino Day

Where did the first part of the year go? As I sit and write this, I lose myself for a while in the memories of what nature has shown us this year at this magical place called Madikwe.

In this last few weeks one experience stands out for me as we celebrate World Rhino Day. Sitting at a little spot in the park we were lucky enough to witness the first few steps of a new-born rhino.

I watched her stumble around – all feet and awkwardness, looking at the world for the first time.

Although it was such a joyous occasion, I was sad as I had no idea what her future would hold in a world where her species is under the constant from poachers.

This is a war we as conservationists are fighting on every front, but unfortunately, we too are under siege.

That day, as I discussed the issues reserves across Africa are facing in trying to keep their rhino populations safe with my guests, I realised we as man are the problem, as well as potentially the solution.

All I can do is hope that these gentle giants will be safe for another day.

Words and photos by: Josh Duffus – Assistant Head Field Guide


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