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A Familiar World

Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it! I was packing up after a long eight week working cycle, and was ready to load my vehicle. Imagine my annoyance when the Pajero wouldn’t start? I opened the bonnet and looked around. There, on top of the air cooler, Mother Nature had …
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My First Safari

A first hand account by Claudine Bresgi of her daughter’s first safari experience, and their first bush excursion as a young family; We stop to watch an elephant as he lazily crosses the road. Our young daughter, Mikaylin – just on a year old, is fast asleep in my husband’s arms. As the elephant walks …
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Hyena: Life of a Queen – Part 2

Following part 1 of the Hyena, Life of a Queen series, Gerhard brings us the follow up in part 2. Spotted hyenas don’t make it easy for males of the clan when it comes to the “Love Game”…… Through millions of years of evolution the females have developed extremely high levels of testosterone, and this adaptation …
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Madikwe Memories

We could wax lyrical all day about the incredible wildlife we get to enjoy every day at Madikwe Safari Lodge. But we decided instead to let some recent Tripadvisor comments, and the photos from our Field Guides do all the talking (lest you think we are prone to exaggeration!) Enjoy!   “We arrived at 3 …
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Hyena Blog

Hyena: Life of a Queen – Part 1

Hated by most…Loved by some…Perceived to be a coward… In general – totally misunderstood! We bring you The Life of the Spotted Hyena (part 1). A Hyena clan is a real “Woman’s World”. Spotted hyenas are social creatures, and in certain cases live in clans of up to 80 animals whose stable core of members …
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“…this would rate as the best in terms of staff…”

If there is one thing we love, it is bringing families together on safari. We had the pleasure of hosting Ben T and family at Dithaba Lodge, and when we read their feedback on Tripadvisor, we could not help but share it… “What can we say? We were fortunate enough to travel as a family …
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Five types of travelers who love Madikwe Safari Lodge

Although pretty much everyone we have the pleasure of hosting loves their experience at Madikwe Safari Lodge, we have broadly defined 5 types of people who seem to have a particular affinity with this magical please. 1. The first time safari go-er. As an introduction to safaris, Madikwe Game Reserve is ideal. With a good …
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Dung Beetle - Mike Tickle

Vlog: Rolling with Dung Beetles

There are four types of Dung Beetles; those that live in dung (Endocoprides), those that live under dung (Paracoprides), those that roll dung balls (Telocoprides) and those that steal dung balls away from others (Kleptocoprides). Of all of these, it’s the rollers that ultimately interest us the most, what with their comical antics and frantic …
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Lion in morning sun Gerhard Pieters

Vlog: When the King speaks…

For as long as man has walked the earth no other animal has been more admired by humans than the King of the bush, the Lion.  We fear them. We respect them. We are fascinated by them. They are the ultimate predator. Natural hunters that keep the circle of life alive.  They are the one …
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Top 10 tips for children on safari

At Madikwe Safari Lodge, nothing delights us more than having children over to stay! In our quest to make their stay as memorable as possible, we’ve put together our top 10 tips when bringing the kids on safari. 1. Pack all your outdoor essentials – a hat, sunscreen, windproof jacket, bathing suit, comfortable walking shoes …
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