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Madikwe Safari Lodge | Adventurous safari experiences

It doesn’t take much to be enamoured by Madikwe. Everything about this place is vast – its landscapes, its heavens, its wildlife. This is rugged Africa, and then some! Those with an adventurous spirit will feel like they have come home.


  • Go on a bush walk
  • Drink a glass of bubbles on safari while watching the sunset
  • Take a self portrait at my favourite animal sighting
  • Enjoy a body treatment, distracted only by the sound of the birds
  • Have a glass of wine while enjoying a bit of retail therapy in the shop
  • Join the Madikwe Facebook page and become part of the family
  • Take at least one picture of an African sunset and sunrise
  • Take a walk around the lodge and see how many trees I can identify
  • Lie back and look up at the Milky Way and spot some shooting stars
  • Learn 5 Afrikaans words and their meanings
  • Spend some time in the Eco House, and learn something new
  • Take a picture of my favourite team member and I
  • Count how many animals I can identify at the Lelapa Lodge pool
  • Learn 5 Setswana words and their meanings

Charter flight arrivals land directly at Madikwe Game Reserve, and passengers are immediately immersed in this wild wild world.