Wildlife within Madikwe Game Reserve is abundant and of an excellent quality. Sightings include lion, leopard, wild dog, elephant, , warthog and more.

Madikwe’s game viewing is of a very high standard, with regular sightings of zebra, impala, wildebeest, giraffe, warthog, white rhino, lion, wild dog, elephant, white rhino, brown hyena, and spotted hyena. Leopard sightings have become a lot more frequent as individuals are more relaxed in the presence of vehicles in the area. Along withwhite rhino, black rhino, brown hyena, spotted hyena, zebra, impala, wildebeest, giraffe buffalo and Black rhino, leopard are now seen regularly in the reserve. Sightings are generally limited to a maximum of 3 vehicles at any given time so as not to unduly stress the animals.

The Brown Hyena

  • Solitary but gregarious, they tend to scavenge by themselves but will den together females.
  • Pure scavangers, only a few individuals have been known to kill their own food. Will often take food home for clan members and puppies.
  • They eat Tsama melons for water. One Brown Hyena was recorded eating 18 Tsama melons for its moisture intake.
  • They have long shaggy fur, which makes them look bigger than the Spotted Hyena. In actual fact, they they are only half the weight.

Painted Wolf/ Cape Hunting Dog/ Wild dog

  • They are pack animals with an Alpha Male and Female. They hunt co-operatively and are highly successful.
  • Very caring and nurturing, the puppies are the most important aspect to the pack, recognised as important for the pack’s long term survival. The Adults will hunt and bring food to the den, or stand back and let the puppies eat first.
  • They are successful at both breeding and hunting. They reproduce every year in the winter and have between 6 – 16 puppies!
  • Use huge stamia to run prey down – this stamina is the secret to their success. They can out run any prey, a tactic they use frequently. Once the animal is exhausted, it will be devoured.


  • Fast, tough and beautiful – 3 simple reasons why this is our national animal
  • They have Loops of Henle in their kidneys, which mean they drink less than others.
  • They are most famous for pronking to show off to the females, and also to let predators know they have been seen.